Outdoor Play & Toy Specialist, Retailer And Warranty Provider

2 children peering out a plastic treehouse for children
Young girl jumping in an enclosed trampoline
2 children playing with an eco playhouse
Young child sitting on a childrens trampoline
Children playing in a princess playhouse
Barbie trampoline for toddlers
6 in 1 activity playhouse with children displaying each example
Crackin' eggs product
2 children playing a large game of connect 4
4 children playing with large jenga-like blocks
Barbie trampoline 4.5ft wide with girl jumping on
Children playing on caterpillar tunnel

About Us

We're a UK based toy and outdoor play specialist company.

We offer a variety of products for sale on our website, such as playhouses, trampolines and large-scale games to engage your children's minds!

We also are an official warranty and spare parts provider for both Sportspower and Summer Waves.

  • Play Feber treehouse video
  • Play eco playhouse video
  • Play Feber super palace playhouse video