Disney Frozen playhouse

Best outdoor playhouses for children

Keep the kids busy and get them outside enjoying the sun with some of the best outdoor playhouses! There’s many different playhouses out there with different features and activities. We thought to try and make it a little easier for you to pick!

Outdoor playhouses (or Wendy houses) open up your child’s imagination and provides them with their own outside den! Children take pride and love to have a little den they can call their own.

Overview of the best kids playhouses:

What to look for in a playhouse

  • Size – How much space will you need within the playhouse for children to enjoy? Do you have many children and do you regularly have their friends over? You’ve also got to consider if it will fit in your garden!
  • Durability – A playhouse is a great investment for your childrens’ childhood! You want your playhouse to be durable and stand the test of time. All of the playhouses below are made of high quality UV, heat and temperature resistant plastic, so they won’t fade in the sun and will stand the test of time!
  • Assembly – As all of our playhouses are plastic, they’re much easier to set up than wooden playhouses. The instructions are easy to follow and don’t take long to get set up.
  • Features – Some of our playhouses feature additional activities and things for children to enjoy. Such as the 6 in 1 Multi-Activity House, which has bowling, racket games, an adjustable basketball hoop, and more! Others supply an empty space, such as the House On The Tree, which allows the child to make and decorate the space as their own!
  • Themes – Some of the playhouses are geared around interests your child might have. Such as the Frozen 2 Arandele Kingdom is perfect for lovers of the Disney films. Or the Eco House is excellent for lovers of nature and gardening.

Best playhouse for little explorers & adventurers

Feber House On The Tree playhouse

Feber House On The Tree Playhouse

The Feber House On The Tree is an innovative treehouse for kids. It’s a dream come true!

It is elevated off the ground just like a real tree house – allowing children to have the joy of climbing up and having their own fun area to chill and play in! It has a large inside space with 4 windows (2 of which close), a door, steps going up and a railing around. It’s an incredible playhouse where your children’s imagination can run wild and have unforgettable experiences!

The brightly-coloured plastic playhouse is UV-treated to lower fading in the sun, heat and temperature resistant, sturdy and easy to build. It’s definitely a long-lasting addition to your garden!

It helps promote gross motor skills, balance and coordination, and provides an excellent social area for children to have a space to themselves and create their own play area!

Best playhouse for multiple activities

6 in 1 Multi Activity playhouse

Feber Multi-Activity 6 in 1 Playhouse

This 6 in 1 multi-activity playhouse is excellent for keeping multiple children entertained for hours. This plastic playhouse features 6 foldable activities:

  • Bowling
  • Racket games
  • Football
  • Basketball (with an adjustable basket)
  • Velcro balls with target
  • Role play

All these accessories are included and when the children are done playing they can all be folded up and packed away.

The playhouse is robust, easy to assemble, and features anti-UV plastic that’s heat and temperature resistant to lower fading in the sun.

It’s definitely a great pick for active children and allows multiple children to enjoy its many games at once.

Best playhouse for Disney Frozen lovers

Disney Frozen Super Arandele Kingdom playhouse

Frozen Super Arandele Kingdom Playhouse

The Super Arandele Kingdom is a majestic child’s palace inspired by their favourite characters from Disney’s Frozen!

It features 6 side towers and a further 2 towers with flags on the roof. The palace entrance includes a musical  lock that makes sounds. With plenty of space on the inside and 5 large windows to get ample light in, any fan of Frozen is going to love this playhouse!

The playhouse is made of UV and temperature resistant materials to ensure long-lasting durability.

Best playhouse for nature lovers

Feber Eco Playhouse

Eco House Playhouse

This playhouse is perfectly suited for little ones that are curious about nature and enjoy gardening! The learning activities on this feature:

  • Urban gardening and tools
  • A nest and bird feeder
  • A windmill and faux solar panel
  • Rainwater harvester
  • 2 recycling bins

It’s a brilliant choice for getting children to learn about gardening and nature in a safe manner, and the solar panel & windmill are a great way to introduce them to renewable energy!

The playhouse itself is created from sturdy anti-UV heat resistant materials for less colour fading and long-lasting durability.

Looking for other fun outdoor toys?

Looking for something else that maybe isn’t a playhouse? We have other outdoor toys and ride ons available!

Feber Gus Caterpillar Tunnel

Gus Caterpillar Tunnel

This colourful caterpillar tunnel is great fun for toddlers and young children! Its sections allow it to be built in different ways and enable it to be extended! (Extension sections sold separately).

It’s easy to assemble and change around, as well as being resistant to sunlight.

Feber Mega 4 In a Line

Mega 4 in Line

The classic strategy game of 4 in a line! Can you connect four of your pieces in a row to win? This game is ideal for the whole family and helps develop tactical and strategic thinking.

Perfect for outdoors or indoors use. Easy to set up, take apart and also takes up little space.

Not found anything of interest? Be sure to browse other outdoor toys & ride ons we have!